Iridescence Editorial Service

Iridescence Editorial Services:


My developmental editing services are priced on a sliding scale.

I will always discuss reduced rates for other writers. I know how hard it can be to scrape cash together.

Email me here  Please include Genre, Age range of title, a blurb (think back cover copy) and time period interested in booking. Please try to book at least two months in advance if you can.

I do NOT charge a reading fee.

Please Note: All prices unless otherwise indicated are for a single pass through your manuscript.

Age Category I work with: Adult. I’ll consider extremely dark YA on a case by case basis. I will work with charming middle grade and picture books as well.

Genres I work with:

Romance (Historical, Futuristic, Select Contemporary (case by case).
Historical Fiction
True Crime
Fantasy (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Magical Realism, High Fantasy)
Erotic Romance
Science Fiction (hard or soft, but I’m a scientist by training so work well with hard)

I am absolutely NOT a good fit for Inspirational/Christian centered concepts.

Query Critique:


I do this as a living, and will critique your query based on several factors. Structure of the query, copy editing, developmental edit and if I as an aquisitions editor would want to read more of the book, which is the point of the query. To get an agent/editor interested in reading your book.

Synopsis Critique:

10$ for 1-2 pages, 20$ for 3-5.

I will critique your synopsis based on several factors. Structure, copy editing, developmental edit and if I would want to buy the book which is the point of the synopsis. To tell an agent what happens in your book so they can get an idea of marketability.

Twitter Pitch Critique:


Up to 12 twitter pitch critiques.

Contest Bundle Critique:


Critique of your Blurb, first page, query letter and pitch.

First and Last Chapter Critique:


Your first chapter hooks your reader and makes them want to continue reading your book. The last clinches the story and makes the reader happy they read the book. In the case of series books it makes them want to read the next one.

First 50 Pages/First three Chapter Critique:


This is the most common partial request you’ll get from an agent. I will developmentally edit your first three chapters up to 55 pages.

Developmental Editing:

1$ per 150 words
100$ per 1700 words
700$ for up to 150k words
1200$/300k words (can be combined over more than one manuscript) or prearranged barter.

HAGGLE WITH ME. If my prices don’t meet your budget, tell me what your budget is and I’ll see if I can do it for that. I will work on a payment plan if needed. This is my living, yes, but I do need to make a living at it, so that means I need work.

This is in-depth editing that covers everything from character arc, plot arc, pacing, and pointing out weak sentences and suggestions for rewrites. If I see plot holes, I’ll point them out, if I see issues with detail, I’ll not only point it out, but if I know how to fix it, I’ll tell you that. 

Average turn around time on this service is 6 week to 3 months, so budget time accordingly.

Line edit/Copy Editing:

1$/200 words
100$/3400 words
700$/300k words or prearranged barter.

I am not a dedicated copy editor, this means I have not memorized the Chicago manual of style and may miss things. I am, however, an experienced writer and editor, so will likely catch a lot.

Diversity and Authenticity editing (formerly known as sensitivity reading):

$250/manuscript up to 150k words or prearranged barter. I’ve done these for as low as 80$ but this is a very fraught experience for me, so really prefer to have the full fee.

This service is available in any of the following areas or a combination of them all.

Polyamorous lifestyle and relationships
BDSM lifestyle
Chronic illness/pain
Childhood abuse survivor
Mixed ethnicity
Ex-pat living (US citizen living abroad)
Immigrant existence
Historical re-enactment
Working in a laboratory
Anthropological practices
Forensic scene call-outs
Surviving rape or sexual assault
Being raised very poor
Alcoholic parents
Narcotics addicted parents
Gaslighting parents
Being trans
Being queer
Loss of family due to being queer
Found family
Parenting autistic kids.

Beta Reading:

60$/Manuscript up to 500 pages. (or prearranged barter). 

This is a basic level read, is the story cohesive, and enjoyable. Low-level line edits and diversity coaching (meaning I’ll let you know if I catch anything, but won’t be looking for it.)

Edit as you go:

Developmental editing service for your WIP. It’s where you can send me a chapter or three at a time for response. Monthly and yearly rates available. Please submit query below.

About Me:

Kaelan Rhywiol

I am a published author, a professional editor (it’s my day job) and a diversity and authenticity editor.

I’m good at this stuff. My skills are excellent with the following;

Sex scenes that sizzle
Accurate BDSM writing
World Building
Pointing out where you can ground your scenes/make things realistic

My critique partners have told me my suggestions are gold.


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