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The first step to recovering from a slide into depression, or so my therapy has told me over time… Is to change behavior, if you can. I can’t do anything about the loss of our home, that’s just a wound I have to bear. I CAN do something about how badly querying is affecting me…. Read More ›


Mental Health Hiccup

Sorry, it’s another not so pretty blog post. You can pretty much tell my mood by how much effort I put into to putting images and what not into my blogs. I had a mental health hiccup this week. For so many reasons. Let me count the ways. (That’s a Shakes joke, laugh already, I’m… Read More ›

The Dark Side

of the force… What? I couldn’t resist. Resistance is futile, you know. Okay, fine, enough geek humor. At least the dark side has cookies, or so I tell myself. I work as an editor for a small press, have for a while now, and I honestly felt like my best skills (with romance in general)… Read More ›