Submission Guidelines

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I officially founded Multifarious Press in December of 2016. Though the idea had been born over a year before. Multifarious means diversity. That’s the end goal of my press, to provide a home to diverse authors and stories, and a place for people to find quality titles with the diversity they’re looking for.

I want the stories you had to write because you couldn’t find enough of them to read. Send me those.

Send me heartrending literary mash-ups that straddle genres and leave you thinking about them for weeks after.

Send me to the dictionary, rip my heart out, stitch it back together again and leave me lusting for more.

THOSE stories. You know the ones.

I am not a good fit for redeem the -ism/ist storylines. Don’t send me a redeemed racist/rapist racism/rapism story. It ain’t gonna fly with me. No Nazis, especially in romance. Just… no.

I also work with Thurston Howl Publications as an editor and have since Fall of 2016.

Take a look at both presses and follow my standard submissions formula, you’ll work with me or one of my editors for MFP, me at THP until your book goes to copy and cover art, either way, your book will get tender loving care.

Submissions should be a query, the first 2 chapters or 50 pages (whichever YOU feel gives ME the best representation of your work) and a 2-3 page synopsis if you have it.

I tend to respond quickly, (sometimes as quickly as half an hour, depending on where I am in the projects I’m working on) and I always ask for the full manuscript if I’m interested.

If I’m not interested, I do my best to tell you why, sadly, it often comes down to ‘it’s subjective’ but if something, in particular, threw me off, I do my best to tell you that. All of my editors at MFP do the same thing.

For Multifarious send to: Submissions AT multifariouspress DOT com

If you’re sending to a specific editor from MFP (Jamie, Kieru, or Kaelan) please follow this format for the subject line:


That way it gets to the right person. We DO respond to all queries, it can be anywhere between half an hour and 6 weeks depending on our individual workloads. If you don’t hear from us within 6 weeks, please gently nudge us.

Do take a look at our profiles for MFP, we each acquire and prefer to read different things. But honestly, what I’m looking for, regardless, is the different.

For Thurston Howl Publications I’m mostly looking for romantic fiction, and again, the different.

Kaelan dot thurstonhowlpub at gmail dot com 

Subject line needs to have QUERY In it somewhere 

Thank you for considering me as an editor.

It shouldn’t need to be said, not in 2017, but to be clear; I’m open (as are both presses) to any submission regardless of author’s race, religion, country of origin, sexual or gender identification, et cetera.

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”

 Author Unknown