Reviewed books request form/Review policy

If you’d like me to review a book, you can email me at Please include REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line. email me. 


Hi! You can call me Kae. I prefer Mx. Xie/Xem/Xyr pronouns. I’m a non-binary, queer, WoC (mixed-race), autistic, reviewer/diverse book blogger.

I’m a hard reviewer because I’m also an editor and published author so I’ll possibly rip the book apart.

Still with me? Good!

I can read any type of eBook, which I prefer to print unless you’re an already favorite author of mine. eBooks should be .mobi or .epub, though if necessary I can read .pdf as well.

I’m in Canada, though I’m expat American. Shipping is ridiculous to Canada, so bound copies of books aren’t necessary.


I prefer to read erotic romance, with an added element, like historical, paranormal, futuristic. (Straight old contemporary doesn’t tickle my whiskers, sorry.)

I love polyamory, kink, and other forms of queer books and give preference to those as they come in.

I will also devour fantasy, high fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, science-fantasy, and science fiction.

I enjoy an occasional mystery or thriller.

I also review non-fiction books on aromatherapy, herbology, gardening, beekeeping, art, drawing and biophysical anthropology/forensic chemistry.

Age ranges:

Adult: Explicit for romance. I don’t do sweet romance. I lust for diverse adult stories with an unholy fervor. PLEASE send me submissive and switch men for kink. I am open to reviewing enby and trans stories if they’re own voices.

Young Adult: It has to be pretty dark for me to love it. I loved Jacqueline Carey’s Miranda and Caliban. Linsey Miller’s Mask Of Shadows and Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy. To give you an idea of the kinds of YA I like.

Middle Grade and Picture book: Queer, mixed race, or autistic kid’s lit only. I love MG fairy tale retellings with a twist.

Traditional or Self-Pub/Indie:

I welcome Indie and self-pub and give preference to those over big five traditional houses. I will and do review Big five, but indie needs my help more. So.

Quirks, favorite tropes, and pet peeves:

Quirks: I’m a moody reader, so don’t read in order of review requests received. Currently, I’m lusting for genderfluid characters, so am reading only those. Last month it was Steampunk Victoriana. Next month? Who knows. I greatly prefer OWN VOICES stories with regard to marginalization.

Pet Peeves: For romance. Don’t send me love triangles where someone has to choose only one true love. I’ll Do Not Finish it so fast. Don’t send me inaccurate kink. I’ll finish reading it, but only to rip it apart. I’m a lifestyle kinkster, and if all you’ve done for research on it is read or watch 50 shades (gags) I’m going to give you what for in the review.

Voice and character is everything for me: If the voice and characters don’t draw me in by page 50 I’ll put the book down and make a note on Goodreads that I DNFd for voice/character reasons.

I have no problem with DNFing a book: I always read to page 50, because sometimes it takes that long to catch me up. I try a lot harder to finish a review copy than I do a book I’ve purchased or checked out of the library, because I KNOW how important reviews are. That said, if it’s not for me or it annoys me for one reason or another, I’ll DNF and put it on Goodreads my reasons for DNFing. As I have to put a star on Goodreads, those wind up starred as one-stars. Sorry.

I always cross-post my reviews: I put them up under the review section here on my site, (I don’t usually type up a review for a DNF) on Amazon, and on Goodreads. If I know (meaning the author or publicist has to tell me) the book is offered other places like B&N, Smashwords etc. I’ll put them up there as well. I also tag them with the #BookReview hashtag on twitter and if I loved it, I tag it with #BookRecommendation as well.

Fav tropes: Mostly for romance: I love student/teacher, experienced/inexperienced, star-crossed lovers, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers. I hate love triangles and cheating.

Triggers: I don’t read books with alcoholic parents or kids trying to survive that. I don’t read books with heavy Christian themes or if the queers die. Not Sorry.

I am open to doing guest posts/interviews/blog tours etc.

Email address is