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Science FantasyUNPUBLISHED


The death of all but one of his siblings in the revolution catapulted Cameron into a position he never thought he’d be in. Heir to the throne. The second to last son, he now has to pass his Trials of ascension while stocking his harem with suitable genetic matches, all without breaking his and his beloved Li’s hearts.

The Artificial Intelligence which oversees most of the activities on Ilavani sterilized Li a long time ago, after her father tried to deprogram the system. Trained as an assassin and bodyguard, she never expected to fall for Cam. They’ve been together for fifty years, an eyeblink in their life spans. She’s never known love like his, but she may give it up because she can’t bear to be with him, when he needs the one thing she can’t give. A child.

Mai came to Cameron as a supplicant in need of justice for her father’s murder. She didn’t expect to be so bowled over by attraction to him. When he offers her a breeding contract, will she accept? Knowing that she may never hold his heart?

A polyamorous, kinky, romance.


Maël has reached the height of his calling, as a Master BDSM trainer of the elegant, refined companions who populate his kingdoms cloisters. The spymaster for their kingdom, because whores hear things, he’s well pleased with his life. At least until the price of his heritage knocks on his door.

Kat is one step up from a slave, a lab created genetic construct. Shipped to Ilavani and purchased by the cloisters, she’s given the choice of how to serve, to pay off her mark. Designed as a sex slave, she chooses to learn from one of the best companion trainers in the universe. Maël.

Los is one of the rare, naturally born. psi-gens, a tri-mix of bird, lion, and human, he’s been in love with Maël for over fifty years. Maël is a bit dense, though, and Los may decide he can’t wait any longer for the one thing he needs. Maël’s heart. When Los and Kat meet, they bond over how neither of them can have Maël, and he may lose them both.

A polyamorous, kinky, romance.


Revolution is stirring, again. Kat is caught up in the struggle and Maël discovers who Kat really is.


Ace Assassin SeriesUNPUBLISHED


Demisexual pwca assassin Rhian has spent 300 years avoiding her husband, and bound to the Dark God Arawn.

She grew up as a thief on the streets of 18th century Cardiff, Wales. She met her husband, Kai, the day his parents were hung for murder. She’d never understood sex, relationships, and attraction, why people seemed so fascinated by it, until she met him.

Then it clicked.

They spent 2 years in blissful wedlock before her–supposedly dead–father showed up to claim her for her family. Pwcas, shapechangers bound to the Dark God as his messengers, enforcers and when needed, assassins.

Kai left her to make his own bargain, to become immortal, like her.

She can’t forgive him for that. When Arawn honors her with a promotion, she winds up in the same city as Kai, his superior. When all she wants to do is kneel at his feet and do everything he bids.

A polyamorous, kinky romance.


Rhian must pay the price for what she’s chosen. Will it make her or break her?



A clan of werewolves in 14th century France need to find mates. Only humans will do.

Bonded pair Desire de Tournel and Gwenael Tariq de Rabat fell in love while they fought together in the last crusade. Back at Desire’s home the two men find they need a female, but werewolves aren’t supposed to exist, so how do they find a willing mate?

Polyamorous, kinky, romance.


Zabe knows she’s different, a quadroon in the eyes of society, beloved child to her father, she has a mind and will of her own. Autistic and ready for marriage, she has to convince her father of that. When she can’t she arranges her marriage herself, in the year 1806, when women don’t do that.

Daffyd spends every day in pain, some days better than others, but the fire he senses in Zabe through her letters distracts his mind and eases his pain enough that he offers marriage, and sends his lover, Zhi, to stand as proxy at Daffyd and Zabe’s wedding.

Zhi, submissive, mixed Chinese and English became a doctor at the will of his parents, but when they sold his twin sister into a marriage she didn’t want, he stole her and fled one homeland for the other. Now he willingly stands in place for his lover Daffyd, but finds himself inexplicably drawn to Zabe as well. It’s to his pleasure to kneel at her feet, as he kneels at Daffyd’s.

When Daffyd and Zabe meet, sparks are sure to fly. When you have two Dominants in one relationship, one tends to bow to the other, so which will it be?

Polyamorous, kinky, romance.



Rian and Jai are lovers, and when they move back to Georgia they find that Rian’s highschool flame, Shea is the same species they are. Shifters.

Polyamorous, kinky, romance.



5 Stars: If you like magic, romance with sex and myths coming alive, this is a story to read and enjoy! I hope that Kaelan has more and the story continues.

5 Stars: Moths are just such lovely creatures. If you’ve ever seen one under the microscope and fallen in love, or if you just plain like good paranormal erotica, this is a great read for you!

I loved this book. The plot was original, and I definitely look forward to the next in the series. The sensual descriptions in the juicy scenes will make your heart flutter like the wings of a moth or butterfly, and bring a warm blush to your face. Also, I am in 100% approval for the manner in which the BDSM scenes are portrayed: the author smoothly incorporates consent and safety into the scenes, without it appearing forced or contrived. This is, what I consider at least, to be a very important feature of erotica containing BDSM as literature is frequently how people are introduced to the wonderful world of kink. This story also breaks out of the usual monogamy, which is also great as functional polyamory in literature is hard to find.

This read pairs well with a glass of wine. Go for it, indulge!

5 Stars: This story pulled me in from page one. I was instantly drawn to Shea, a young woman who’d lost her family and in turn became lost herself, and the world was so immersive I just couldn’t stop reading. Just as Shea is about to undergo a major transformation in her life, of the paranormal sort, she hooks up with her ex-boyfriend and his new boyfriend. The love scenes are hot! It’s a completely accurate representation of a real-life BDSM relationship, with the added value of the fantasy involved with the shifter world. The story was highly entertaining, and very sexy. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

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Paranormal romance



Cara Sutra Review

Amazon review: While I enjoy the odd bit of erotica from time to time, I don’t often review it, probably for the same reason most people don’t—embarrassment. But then I realized something: I shouldn’t feel ashamed to read something that celebrates sex and pleasure, especially when I consider myself such a sex-positive person. High time we as a society push past that prudishness, I think.

Full disclosure: This is my first time reading anything involving domination or submission. That said, I thought it was handled well and I appreciated the realism of possible discomfort and the need to use lubrication, even though these involved mythical creatures. The relationship between Nera and Ciersten involved consent, warmth, and trust which made it more enjoyable for me to read since too often in erotica there exists some antagonistic undercurrent to the hero and heroine’s relationship.

As a fan of SFF, I also liked the hints of world-building; the author provides just enough within the context of such a short piece of fiction to convince you of the setting in which these characters live out their lives. I did notice a few grammatical issues that made the prose clunky at times, but that’s really my only complaint.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into BDSM, this is not a bad place to start.



A Dancer's Hope Ebook cover




Science Fantasy




Cara Sutra Review



Cara Sutra Review


A Harsher Kiss Ebook cover