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Review: THE BONE WITCH SERIES by Rin Chupeco

March 12, 2019

Dark Young Adult Fantasy There is a minor spoiler about the bury your gays trope in this review. Rated: 5 stars across the board. Each book is so damned good. I’m breaking my standard review format and doing all three of these as a series, basically because I read them back to back in a… Read More ›


Ghostwriting and employing ghostwriters, right or wrong?

ghostwrite verb ghost·​write | \ ˈgōs(t)-ˌrīt  \ ghostwrote\ ˈgōs(t)-​ˌrōt  \; ghostwritten\ ˈgōs(t)-​ˌri-​tᵊn  \ Definition of ghostwrite intransitive verb : to write for and in the name of another transitive verb : to write (a speech, a book, etc.) for another who is the presumed or credited author Source:  I just got into it with a mutual on Twitter, and as usual, I had no idea someone was… Read More ›

Doxxing, authorial behavior and consequences.

Content Warning: Bullying, Harassment, Successful Suicide Mention, Doxxing, Mention of Sex and Kink, Mention of Eating Disorder, Mention of Insomnia, Mention of Vomiting. Recorded version, if you’d prefer to listen than to read is here. Now that I’m a bit calmer, and the danger has been removed from the perpetrator’s website, I’ll write a bit… Read More ›

Safe space in fiction

*Blows the dust off my blog* It’s been a while, if you follow my Twitter you’ll know why, but if you don’t, basically life blew up and it’s taking me some time to find my bearings again. But that’s not why I decided to blog today. I probably should do some sort of wrap up… Read More ›

The kindness of strangers

To most people, something like a laptop is a luxury. Most folks can get by using the library computer, their phone, or a desktop without much hassle or fuss. It’s not the same for me. A laptop is truly an accessibility item for me. I have numerous chronic health conditions, two of which cause me… Read More ›

Closing of Multifarious Press

I’ve been dreading both coming to this decision and telling people about it. One of the hardest things for me to do is admit I’ve been a fool. But boy have I ever been a fool in thinking that *I* had it in me to run a press. I don’t. I really don’t. If it… Read More ›

Authorial Envy, Friendships and how to deal.

It’s a fact of life I think that anyone with a book out is going to (whether we want to or not) compare our books with the ones that big 5 publishing gives the marketing push to. I sure do. It stinks. I hate it that I compare my books with the ones that have… Read More ›

Not A Romance

Anyone in romancelandia knows that RWA has a stinky track record when it comes to diverse romance of many different varieties. (Or if you don’t, you probably could do some reading to get yourself up to date.) Racism, homosexual hate, bisexual hate, and so many other forms of dislike and hatred that it’s exhausting to… Read More ›

Bloodbound’s release is an emotional one for me.

I have so many mixed emotions about my Debut release from a publisher. I have books out, ones I’ve released myself. I know how to do it, but the experience of being traditionally published is so completely different from self-pubbing that I feel justified in calling BLOODBOUND my debut. I’ve gone from frustration, to joy,… Read More ›

Open Letter to Faleena Hopkins

Excellent letter about the ridiculous trademark situation going on with an author bullying others.