Bloodbound-Signed copies and Swag Pack information

It seems like I could have a landing page for information on this project.

I can’t travel very much due to illness and finances, so for anyone who wants a signed copy of my upcoming release, Bloodbound, I’ll do a remote signing event.

How it will work is like this.

You’ll send me the cash via my Paypal link for a print copy of the book (Price listed as soon as I know how much it’ll be from the publisher) plus exact shipping to your location.

I’ll do a bulk order of the books, sign them, include the swag pack and get it sent to you as soon as I can (within a couple weeks at most, depending on how many orders there are) of publication date.

If you want to email me with your address ahead of time for exact shipping cost, I’ll run it through the USPS shipping calculator.

I’ll be shipping them from the states, since I’m going over to do a signing in Michigan, and the Canadian postal service rates are rapacious. (Unless you’re in Canada, in which case, I’ll send from here.)

You can also get the swag pack sent to you by itself if you send me a receipt for a print copy of the book, or a purchase receipt for the ebook from the publisher (not Amazon, sorry, their return policy on ebooks is not favorable to the author and publisher).

Swag pack will include:

A single color feather pen. (I’m making the pens, I’m crafty that way, and you’ll have a choice between a marker brush-tip style pen or a ballpoint style pen, I’ll get details up in a bit), or, if you want, I can send a black or white feather dip pen.

A bookmark with a book related image on it, a postcard, a menu list and list of questions for book clubs including a list of Kai’s favorite wines. (Kai is the MMC and is a wine aficionado).

(Other stuff as yet to be determined.)

And don’t forget I’m going to be running a gift basket contest! The first person to respond to me with ALL of the geek easter eggs in Bloodbound gets the gift basket!

Eeeee! It’s getting real peeps.