Mom Hugs

I saw a person on twitter posting pictures of them at pride with a ‘free mom hugs’ shirt and I thought it was such a great idea.

I guess there’s actually a movement too, for queer-accepting parents to offer support to queer folks. I love that idea and today… well, today is my mom’s bday.

The mom who once said to me ‘I have never, and will never approve of you or anything you do’ to me.

Her queer daughter who has multiple degrees, two amazing children, a wonderful spouse, and multiple published books.


I don’t talk to my mom, but as far as I know, she’s still alive, and today’s her birthday.

So instead of angsting (like I do far too much) about not having a relationship with my mom, I’m going to design a ‘free mom hugs’ shirt of my own to wear to pride (which is in July here in my town for some weird reason) and I’m going to look into the movement to maybe offer support to queer people in that way.

Gods know I’ve got experience being a mom to a queer kid, my eldest is out and proud. I’d like to give a little of that love out to those like me who don’t have it. I know how badly it’s needed.

Take a virtual hug from me, if you need it. I’m a great hugger. (Odd for someone who is touch averse, but there you go.)