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Month: February 2019

Ghostwriting and employing ghostwriters, right or wrong?

ghostwrite verb ghost·​write | \ ˈgōs(t)-ˌrīt  \ ghostwrote\ ˈgōs(t)-​ˌrōt  \; ghostwritten\ ˈgōs(t)-​ˌri-​tᵊn  \ Definition of ghostwrite intransitive verb : to write for and in the name of another transitive verb : to write (a speech, a book, etc.) for another who is the presumed or credited author Source:  I just got into it with a mutual on Twitter, and as usual, I had no idea someone was… Read More ›


Doxxing, authorial behavior and consequences.

Content Warning: Bullying, Harassment, Successful Suicide Mention, Doxxing, Mention of Sex and Kink, Mention of Eating Disorder, Mention of Insomnia, Mention of Vomiting. Recorded version, if you’d prefer to listen than to read is here. Now that I’m a bit calmer, and the danger has been removed from the perpetrator’s website, I’ll write a bit… Read More ›