The Toll of Thoughtless Comments

A fantastic piece describing the mid-range of what occurred yesterday to me.

The wounds from that thing yesterday will be festering sores for years.

It’s just the way many autistics work. It’s how I do.


It’s only January but so many of my autistic friends on Twitter are already done with this year. They are frazzled, exhausted, burnt out.

Because we never seem to catch a break. We are never given the benefit of the doubt. Allowances are never made for our neurology. We are constantly having to watch what we say, how we say it, or we get accused of being rude, being aggressive, being in some sort of nefarious gang.

And yet non-autistics can say what they want, in whatever way they want. Especially when it comes to conversations about autism. I’m not talking here about the obvious trolls, the people firmly anti-autistic, the ones looking for a cure for us poor suffering specimens.

I’m talking about the person who maybe cares deeply about their autistic child or sibling. Or who has a friend who has an autistic cousin. Or maybe who works…

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