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Month: November 2017


Content Warning: Domestic abuse.   Abusers love to victim blame. It’s always there, if you look for it. “You pushed me into it.” “It’s YOUR fault I hurt you.” “You MADE me lose my temper.” Sometimes the littlest thing can trigger me. I got triggered tonight, and it brought so many things back to me…. Read More ›


Musings on Coffee Shops

It’s Monday, which means blog share day through the ‘verse, and the only things I have to talk about are my weekend experience and the sensitivity read I just sent off back to the author. Since I CAN’T talk about the sense read, (and omg, I want to SCREAM from the rooftops about how good the… Read More ›

NaNoWriMo 2017, Let’s Do This!

Okay. So. Everyone has to find their own method for writing novels. Shhh. I’m serious! Pipe down! There is a metric TON of ‘writing advice’ out there but there isn’t a skeleton key or a magical panacea that is going to help YOU get YOUR novel written. ‘Cause that’s on you. You’re the one who… Read More ›