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Month: October 2017

Asexual Identity and the Power of Fiction

Growing up, after I learned to read (I’m dyslexic, in a time when it wasn’t recognized or treated) I was always the kid with their nose stuck in a book. Books were a way for me to live lives that weren’t as abused as mine was. They were places I could escape to when life,… Read More ›



I’m apparently a masochist. (Why, yes, I actually did know that.) Because I just tried to watch the Netflix show Atypical. I’m autistic, so are my kids. My choosing to watch that show may possibly have been one of the most painful things I’ve ever inflicted upon myself (and considering I’m a recovered cutter, that’s… Read More ›

Self Harm

People don’t like to talk about self-harm. It scares them, it makes them uncomfortable. Even though so many people do it. You probably do. The thing is about self-harm, there’s ways and there’s ways. There’re the active ways one can self harm, like cutting oneself, taking drugs and drinking too much, too often. Driving too… Read More ›

Autistic Burnout

CW Self-harm, trauma reference, sexual abuse reference Autistic burnout is where I find myself right now. It’s a lot like a nervous breakdown, and maybe a bit like clinical depression, but not quite like either. It’s got me right to the edge of a full-on psychotic break with regards to my PTSD and anxiety. I’m a… Read More ›

Welcome to the mind of an Autistic

TL;DR: I’m sorry if my thread on marketing and entertainer professionalism hurt or insulted anyone. It was never my intent. I am not harassing anyone here’s the definition of harassment) and I’m utterly horrified that given my history someone could believe I’d BE CAPABLE of harassment. If you need this post without colored text you… Read More ›


TRISKAIDEKAPHILIA 3: RAVENOUS Release: October 13, 2017   Dark. Brooding. Tortured. Sexy.   Vampires are a mystery, morphing through history from maligned villains to sparkling saviors and back again. They can be the ultimate bad boys, the supreme seductresses, or the evil monsters. They fascinate and repel us at the same time. What other creature… Read More ›

Every now and then I think I’m wrong.

I have massive trust issues. I was raised in an uber-christian family. I’m autistic and queer, so you can imagine how well that part of my life went. Throw in abuse, being used and laughed at for being gullible about it and a tempering in the fires of sales to the high power US Gov’t and… Read More ›

Asking for help shouldn’t hurt

  But it did. It moved me to tears. Not exaggerating, I’m still sniffling while I’m trying to write this. It shouldn’t BE so hard to ask for help. But it made me feel worthless. Here’s the tweet thread. Okay. Y'all know I'm chronically ill, I'm not exactly quiet about it, & I'm a scared.Doc… Read More ›

Cover Reveal: STAKE SAUCE by RoAnna Sylver

Today I’m helping reveal the cover for STAKE SAUCE ARC 1: THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS LOVE, NO, REALLY! It’s a fun, creepy, and dark-but-hopeful serial about queer punk vampires and the humans who love them, from RoAnna Sylver, author of the CHAMELEON MOON series. STAKE SAUCE releases October 31st, 2017 from The Kraken Collective! Check… Read More ›


I don’t know how to title this, I’m not sure exactly how to write it either, so there’s that. Bear with me for rambling while I try to verbalize what’s bugging me today. I’m not pointing to any one person, just calling attention to something I’ve noticed through my years as a queer person. Bit… Read More ›