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Month: August 2017


I wonder if you have any idea the consequence to your actions? Considering you’re probably stalking me here, too, I’ll blog this response, since I can’t email it to you. Because you don’t have the decency to use a real email address. I mean. Most of us probably don’t have an idea how far reaching… Read More ›


To those not speaking out

I guess I’m going to make this blog post more of an open letter. I see you. We ALL see you. The ones who don’t publicly take a stand against the atrocities that are happening in the US right now. Obviously, there are reasons many people don’t speak out. If they are marginalized and just… Read More ›

Cover Reveal! THIRSTY by Mia Hopkins

Thank you, Kaelan, for having me as a guest on your blog today. I’m happy to reveal the cover of Thirsty, a contemporary romance and the first book in my Eastside Brewery series about formerly incarcerated gangsters who sever their gang ties and open the first craft brewery in East Los Angeles. Thirsty will be… Read More ›

Self-Promotion for Indie Authors: Spam Not Included

Excellent piece on self-promotion.


Twitter is a very angry place today. It’s a nuanced issue and I have words. I’ll do my best to lay my very complicated thoughts and emotions out in a reasoned fashion. Here’s the reason twitter is angry today. Vulture published an article that… was rather skewed in its perception. (It’s the politest way I… Read More ›

Lace it up and wear it.

Gather round my friends. I have something I need to say about performative activism. Stop. There aren’t any ally cookies, you know? Can we just… please, pretty please, with sugar on top STOP boosting angry, hurtful, confrontational voices? I’m tired y’all. VERY tired of it. No, it’s not cause I’m old. I am not in… Read More ›