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Month: June 2017


I really wonder why agents act like they’re the be all and end all of publishing? Of course, it’s not ALL agents. I just closed out a bunch of queries after they hit the 90 day mark. Sure, I might still hear back on some of them, but at that point it’s unlikely. I happened to… Read More ›


New Release/Cover Reveal! MY SOUL TO GIVE by Magali A. Fréchette

BLURB: When Celina Leviet escapes the brutal home invasion that kills her husband, she’s left with a bullet in her gut and vengeance in her heart. An alluring demon, Mekaisto, offers an irresistible deal—in exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to get her revenge, but she must hunt and kill the… Read More ›

TRIGGERED by Christian apologists.

CW/TW Christian abuse of queer kids. Childhood abuse. I probably should’ve written a blog post about this a while ago. Honestly? It’s not a place I like to go, it’s in the past and by all that I hold precious I wish it would stay there. But SINCE I’m already there, and it’s Monday, I’ll… Read More ›

Breaking a Habit

They say it takes 21 days to truly break a habit. I’m not sure how true that is, but I do know that I just had to stop myself from sending out another query. I got yet another rejection, and I had to stop myself from sending a query to another agent at that house…. Read More ›


The first step to recovering from a slide into depression, or so my therapy has told me over time… Is to change behavior, if you can. I can’t do anything about the loss of our home, that’s just a wound I have to bear. I CAN do something about how badly querying is affecting me…. Read More ›

What does an author owe a reader?

What do entertainers, especially writers for the purposes contained herein, owe to their readers? (It applies to other forms of entertainment too, in different ways.) I’m going to approach this from the dual perspective of being an author AND being an avaricious, extremely loyal, reader. On the author side: What do I owe my readers?… Read More ›

Mental Health Hiccup

Sorry, it’s another not so pretty blog post. You can pretty much tell my mood by how much effort I put into to putting images and what not into my blogs. I had a mental health hiccup this week. For so many reasons. Let me count the ways. (That’s a Shakes joke, laugh already, I’m… Read More ›


I have a new book out! It will be released June 13th in roughly 13 chapter segments (+- 100 pages), it’s the first in a trilogy. I hope you all enjoy! Preorder links below. About ILAVANI The first installment in a long-running, science fantasy series based in a queer, pagan, polyamorous, universe. 3800 years in… Read More ›


Today is my mother’s birthday. To my knowledge, she’s still alive. This is the first year I’m deliberately not calling her though. I just can’t. I know it’ll turn into another go-round on the emotional abuse-mobile, and I don’t have it in me to do that. The things she said and did after the election… Read More ›