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Month: May 2017

Uncomfy Thoughts

My blog tends to be a combination of sounding board and journal. Today is more of a journal type post, and even though, yes, I do journal (on paper even!) privately… I’m sharing this here because others may be feeling it too. I talked about why I changed my pronouns here…Why Pronouns. Today I ran… Read More ›



Yeah, yeah, we all know we need to review books. I mean… we DO know that right? Backing up, just a bit in case you DON’T know. Reviews sell books for authors. There is NOTHING you can do more to support an author (other than buying the book in the first place/asking your library to… Read More ›


Get Free Query Help at Query Swap Query Swap Twitter event Coming June 1, 2017 Your hook is your selling point. It has to be perfect. But getting good feedback can often be difficult or expensive. That’s why M.L. Keller—The Manuscript Shredder—is organizing the #QuerySwap Twitter party, an all-day event for people seeking critique partners… Read More ›

Why pronouns?

I’ve been having thinky thoughts about my gender lately. I’ve always been ‘okay’ with using she/her, but lately (For the past year really, I take my time with decisions, part of my autistic nature) I’ve been wondering why that’s been the case? I think it’s because I’ve always been called she/her/girl. I think it’s also part… Read More ›

Survivor’s guilt

I rather have more than my share of it. Definition of Survivor Guilt So I recognize it, when it shows up. I have it now, at the end of the week in which the GOP run House laughed, and had beer delivered to the Whitehouse to celebrate their vote to strip over 24 million people from… Read More ›

My Brother

Content Warning: Suicide, Death of a sibling, Self-harm, Drug addiction. What makes someone a brother, anyway? Is it blood? How much time you spend with someone? Familial ties? Or who they are to you? We had all of that. Blood, time, familial ties, memories… he was so much to me. I don’t even know if… Read More ›