Author and Editor

Month: April 2017

Why XXX for Multifarious?

So. It may be going through minds, so I’m going to answer it before I’m asked. I’m offering Acquiring editors of POC, Transgender, Non-Binary (others) full acquisitional power on the stories we publish through Multifarious Press. Yes, it’s a big deal. Because I own the press and my goal is diversity I can say that. I… Read More ›


Multifarious Press

Welp, cat is officially out of the bag on this one. So, some words. The idea to found Multifarious Press smacked me like a freight train a little over a year ago. Remember I’ve been writing for a long time, editing for almost as long. I discovered writer-twitter and the wonderful (and horrible) world it… Read More ›

The Dark Side

of the force… What? I couldn’t resist. Resistance is futile, you know. Okay, fine, enough geek humor. At least the dark side has cookies, or so I tell myself. I work as an editor for a small press, have for a while now, and I honestly felt like my best skills (with romance in general)… Read More ›