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Month: November 2016


My mother finally got up the balls to private message me. Here’s a bit of background. My mom has been different levels of abusive and neglectful of me for most of my life. She says she loves me, but her actions rarely prove that. I’m an expert at recognizing emotional manipulation and gaslighting because of… Read More ›



I’m trying to find what normal means to me now. People who helped trump get into office, either by voting for him directly, not voting at all or by voting third party (demonstrating an almost criminal lack of understanding of the system in the states), they don’t get it. They really don’t. Not a single… Read More ›


This election, it’s driven fissures in country, in government and in families. I’ve been arguing, off an on, with my own family all day. Not the ones I live with who know me dearly and love me for all of who I am. (it’s been so much FUN!!) No, the ones that raised me. After… Read More ›

No Words

So many of us were terrified of exactly what has happened. Trump in office. Hillary won the popular vote, but she still lost. Our families, our government, they chose not to protect us. All day I’ve been seeing news reports and the words by friends of attacks and grief. Blood and tears from the marginalized. So… Read More ›

It’s a lie

It’s a lie, you know. That aspie’s don’t feel emotion. We have stone faces, but if anything we tend to be incredibly empathic. I keep trying to step away from social media to not think about this bloody election and I keep going back to check in on my friends. I just scrolled through. I have so… Read More ›

Self Care

I need to speak about self care in the face of fear. A lot of us are afraid today. Afraid that the country we live in or were born in, will elect a manipulative narcissist, a rapist, an abuser and gods only know what else, to sit in the oval office. While being president of… Read More ›

You’re not alone

When I wrote my blog post, calling out the writing community on twitter. I never expected it to be read as much as it has been. The hits its gotten daily (not sure if everyone is reading the whole thing… but most seem to be by responses) are in the hundreds and the hits continue to… Read More ›

Chickens with Pitchforks

So many thinky thoughts, so many emotions and me, a writer, not being able to come up with a coherent way of saying them all. Some of this emotion is likely from how shitty my day to day life is right now. I have untreated fibromyalgia (long story, not getting into it) and I’m moving… Read More ›