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Month: October 2016

Tough Decisions

As I approach 800 followers, and with a new release hitting shelves in both print and e-book today. I’ve had to rethink what I do and how I do it. For the 10 months I’ve been ‘trying’ to sell my writing as more than pay-per-story to private clients, I’ve been putting up a free story… Read More ›


We’re All Mad Here.

Writers that is. I mean it, I think that quote from Lewis Carroll definitely sums up the writer community. Who else can understand us as well as another person who does what we do? Who knows just how freaking crazy it is to sit alone for days and weeks of our lives to put words… Read More ›


I’m seeing, what to me, is a disturbing trend in fiction. Let me make it abundantly clear. I’ve been raped. Multiple times in different circumstances. (Familial abuse and SO abuse). So… when I talk about this concept, it’s not as an outsider looking in. Specifically… there’s a trend in agents/traditional pub NOT accepting ANYTHING with rape even alluded to…. Read More ›

Cover Reveal!


Request an ARC in exchange for reviewing it here.

Release of Mothmen upcoming!

I’ve mentioned it on twitter, but since not everyone here follows me there, and vice versa I’ll let you all know too. I wrote a ‘long’ short story (12k) for an anthology call. It hasn’t been picked up (and I can find nothing about the anthology actually being pubbed, which is a disturbing trend I’m seeing… Read More ›


That is one of my favorite words you know. Discombobulation. Confused. It’s exhausting to me to be aspie/have asperger’s/ASD (I test, for what it matters, high on the scale of female traits for ASD diagnosis, meaning I’m more autistic than aspie.) 98% of the time I adore my brain, I love how it stores and… Read More ›


I ventured off into the wilds of suburbia today to grab a few things from the market for thanksgiving dinner (Canadian one, we celebrate both being a family with dual citizens) and on the way home… I had a huge reminder of how life can change in a second. A passenger car ahead of me… Read More ›

ASD vs. Asperger’s, some thoughts.

I need to talk about why I continue to use the term Aspie. It’s a relatively unpopular choice, considering the changes in diagnostic criteria in recent years. I’m angry, I guess, at the short sighted change in the DSM-V. (Also late to the party, but, hey, it’s on my mind now, because of a recent… Read More ›

It’s still feminism:

So, I came to my blog to talk about the hurt that ripped through me upon catching up on the TW disaster in the making on twitter. Dude doesn’t know what’s coming to him when he gets back. Read here, if you want… TW trashheap  But. I’m finding that I really, really don’t want to… Read More ›