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Month: September 2016


I usually wait ’til something triggers a blog post, I’ve no set schedule, works for me. So, I recently shared a thing from my past with a couple of online friends. I’ll share what it was in a bit. It brought up the odd dichotomy I have about perspective, just to clarify (since I can’t… Read More ›


Identity, Representation and Writing

Narrated version here Identity is a weird thing, I’ve spoken about my sexual ID and mentioned my neurodiverse brain. I’ve never spoken about my ethnicity except to say that I’m mixed. I’m such a mutt. Historically, I’m what happens when early European settlers intermarry into different native tribes, then the escaped slaves do the same. I… Read More ›

Tidying up as Avoidance Strategy

So, I’ve known my website needed a bit of work for a while… mostly in the menu section because it was a right mess. I’ve also been meaning to post my NYCmidnight flash fiction story now that it’s getting close to the judgement date. So, I cleaned up the menu’s and posted the story and… Read More ›

Sexuality and me

There were a few great threads on twitter tonight about representation of asexuality in fiction. (I retweeted, so they should be relatively easy to find.) Since it struck a chord and I kinda almost write sexy smexy books, I figured since I’m in a wordy mood, I’d attempt to express this part of me. I… Read More ›

Being human

I haven’t blogged for a bit, because I’ve been human. I turned 40, which wasn’t that big of a deal to me. No where near as life shaking as I’d expected it to be for certain. Maybe that’s because I’d been really ill for about a week before. Docs still don’t know what the hell… Read More ›