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Month: August 2016

On Diversity

So, here’s the thing. I write romance, of a particular stripe, and though I’ve always been a writer, it’s pretty much always been the same type of work from me. Diverse, Kinky, Polyamorous. Diversity isn’t just about one topic. There’re a lot of words being bandied about these days, in publishing, people saying they want… Read More ›


Social Media

Narrated version of post here. (It’s outdated, I’ll update if I can find time, the written version is more accurate!) Edit: Since the election, I’ve become political just by breathing. I’ve always voted with as much knowledge and consideration to the issues as I knew how. I’ve always tried to vote with conscience toward my… Read More ›


Lol… some days I really wonder why I share what I write. The days when I get multiple rejections from agents or publishers (in a row… had 4 in one day, making it a total of 7 for the past week). Those are the days when I think about going back to writing just for… Read More ›