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Month: July 2016


Narrated version here I’ve been out about everything else, may as well be out about this. I’m physically challenged, disabled, differently abled. Specifically, I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and have since I turned 27 (a long time ago). I’d had the condition for close to 10 years before finally achieving a diagnosis in the time… Read More ›


Novel Aesthetics

So while my other WIP’s were cooking this afternoon I played with the collage maker again for #novelaesthetics. The Ilavanian World.

On Rejection: From an Aspie Writer

I’m pretty open about having Aspergers. I’m so grateful that agents are asking more and more for #ownvoices writers to submit their work. Yet, because they’re asking for our writing, it might help if they knew how someone neurodiverse might think about rejections. *Not an expert, and not everyone is out, so if there are… Read More ›

I’m Kinky.

So, yeah. I wanna talk about me for a minute. (You know, I’m not fond of talking about me barring a couple of glasses of wine). Still. The things I’d like to know about my favorite authors are going to make up a section of my blog posts.  I read some authors and I question,… Read More ›

Twitter blew up

So, yesterday twitter kinda blew up and an unapologetic racist got twitter dragged. I don’t have a lot to say about the inciting incident, but the thing I do need to say is that everyone needs to LISTEN. It’s not the job of anyone who is marginalized to teach those with privilege to do better…. Read More ›

Fun things

Lookee! I figured out how to make a collage online.  (What? I live under a rock and write books… I hadn’t gotten around to it yet). In any case, I present the closest I can come to my characters in Ilavani vis a vis real people. Skin tones aren’t right for half of them, and… Read More ›

Pantsing vs outlining

A friend of mine asked me how have I switched from ‘pantsing’ a novel to ‘outlining’? Can’t say I totally have, though it’s something I’m trying to do because ‘pantsing’ or writing it by the seat of my pants, requires a lot more in the way of edits than an outlined novel. I’ve always written… Read More ›

Website ho!

I updated the website, and it wasn’t that hard, go me! In other news, I have three Works In Progress that are my daily grind. I’m writing a gender bent fairy tale, and a historical paranormal romance set in medieval France. Getting to know my new characters is as much fun as it always is,… Read More ›